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First of all, let me introduce myself.

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1954 and grew up in Geneva.
For the past 10 years I have built my life along my family in South Africa where we own and manage our business.
And it is here that Tapakatsou Studio was born.
Tapakatsou is a French lingo for- Don't you have four coins for me?  
And considering our location near a place called Platsak, this correlation is perfect for having nothing in its pocket.

My background is a technical carrier.
I spent many years on maintenance for big airliners. 
This drew me to the electronic side as I had the chance to work with the first modern computers.
Thereafter I was led in the IT domain where I have spent over 20 years with projects and designs.

Over time, I developed my artistic taste and found my urge, my inner need to create.keeping aside the fact that I have never attended art school, this feeling came from within.
I began creating with no gray influences, dust and shadows.

Like to find out
more about me?

My art is created far away. Like a seed that grows in a far away universe, it becomes an idea.

As a seed, it is still small and fragile with no distinctive form. 
And yet, seeds bring with them the strength and will power to grow into beautiful, mighty and vivid forms, just like ideas.

When time and light are aligned, development takes place. The spirit it brings with it is like a form taking your hand and pulling you to the surface. The Creation that must take place will pull all the missing pieces together to complete the concept. 

Only once such concept is assembled, will I let it go. Only once this entity is perceivable with my own eyes will I find my peace.

I recognize what I have made, what I have created with my own hands.
I see it and observe it like an astronomer who has sighted a new star.
And like we all know, this star has always been there, it just needed to be Discovered. This brings a true feeling of freedom and relief.

Like a tree bearing its fruit, once the creation has been made, once it has been let go, it is time to let it satisfy and spread its new seeds. And in turn, somewhere in time and space, new ideas will be born.